Kath's Wedding Plans

I have so many things going on that I needed one place to keep my links and thoughts. Feel free to help out. If you have any suggestions about things I have forgotten, PLEASE send me an e-mail! There's a link at the bottom of the page so that you won't cheat and not read it all. ;-)

OUR WEBSITES (besides this one)
Our page on The Knot This is the first website we put up. Ok, I put up. I wasn't too happy with some of the features, so I kept looking around.
Our page on The Wedding Channel This has the same basic information for guests, but the features they have for me to keep track of things are much better. The also have a much better registry link so that guests can just go to this page to see all the places we've registered. The Knot only links to their own registry. Sneaky buggers.

Larry Stanley's Main Page This is our photographer.
Larry Stanley's Online Portfolio This is another site with his work. It has more than just wedding photos.
Chico Hot Springs Resort This is where the wedding and reception will be. They accept dogs, have a variety of room styles and rates, and are close enough to Yellowstone Park that our guests could easily make a vacation of their trip. It also means that I don't have to pick a caterer or a bakery for our cake as they will handle this. Not only have the menus for the Welcome Lunch and the Saturday Brunch been decided, but we have picked our cake flavor and how we want it frosted.
Chico Hot Springs Resort
Premises Map (my version)
This is a map they faxed me. I added labels to show where events will be happening. We are sending out an annotated map like this in our Save-the-Date cards.

Our Paper Colors These are the papers I've bought to make the Save-the-Dates and the Invitations. This file is 798 x 1310 x 16 million colors, 160.1KB.

Both will be printed on the cream paper and will have sage green envelopes. The maps we will include with the Save-the-Dates will be on the sky blue, and the eggplant will be the backing for the Invitations.

If you can't clearly see the texture in the paper after clicking the link, your browser has shrunk the photo for you. Mine does that too. If you point at it (you may have to point away first) a little box will appear in the bottom right. That box has arrows expanding out at its corners. Click on the box and the photo will blow back up to it's actual size.
Save-the-Date card This is what our Save-the-Dates look like (minus the phone numbers & the date in case there are strangers reading this page). This file is 1190 x 1537 x 16 million colors, 360.3KB.

Again, if you can't clearly see the fonts and the texture in the paper after clicking the link, your browser has shrunk it for you. Point at the photo, click on the little box in the bottom right corner and the photo will blow back up to it's actual size.
My Dress This is being sewn from my specs now. No photos before the big day! I have my shoes now, as well, thanks to Amy and an enlightening trip to DSW in SF.
Officiant We have an officiant! Yea! I didn't put this up in the "Deposits Paid and Contracts Signed" area because she doesn't want a deposit. She's a Justice of the Peace in Livingston. She's not only done weddings with interpreters before, but she's married a deaf couple. I was concerned that we would run into logistic problems between the officant and the interpreters, but it seems that won't be a problem.
Photo of the Cootie Catchers empty This is what our Cootie Catcher favors look like empty and open. The cream ones are for Saturday's brunch and the blue ones are for the Welcoming Lunch on Friday.
Photo of the Cootie Catchers filled and closed This is what our Cootie Catcher favors look like filled and closed. The cream ones will actually have chocolates, not candy corn. The blue ones will have Bride and Groom trivia inside to help people complete the crosswords we will hand out at the lunch.

I'm still not exactly sure how we'll work it, but I'm going to have the crosswords tie into the name tags, too. We plan on making name tags for everyone that has their name AND how they know us. An example would be "Brian Cook, cousin of the Bride on her mother's side." Nice and complicated so that people will be entertained reading them.

Lighting Our florist suggested that glow sticks might be a flame-free way to have soft lighting at our ceremony. It was a fantastic idea that worked great! I ordered 3 boxes of 4" glow sticks from Premier Glow. They are a great company; decent prices and fast, friendly service. Check them out.
Flowers I only had my bouquet, just as I had planned. We ended up tying some of the glow sticks onto it so that the photographer would be able to focus. It was beautiful. I didn't want to do the whole "toss the bouquet" thing, so after our brunch the next day we drove to the cemetery and I left it on my grandparents' grave. That way I included them and it wasn't too weird for the guests.

My only disappointment was that I wasn't able to grow my own lavender for my bouquet. I had to have it drop-shipped from a wholesaler, 2G Roses, to my florist in Bozeman, Paradise Custom Weddings (aka The Floral Gallery). Both were wonderful to deal with and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them both.
A Bunch of Other Stuff
  • Matt got a beautiful suit that was appropriate for a night wedding, and that he'll be able to wear again. He and his friend picked out the suit and 2 ties. Then Matt and I picked out 2 shirts once we got to Montana. Matt didn't let me know which he would wear because he wanted to surprise me. The shirt was eggplant (a very dark purple) and the tie had all my colors in it.
  • We bought our rings from Grebitus and Sons Jewelers here in town. They are both platinum. Matt's is a bi-level band and mine has baguettes and round diamonds set in it. Matt has been disappointed with how easily his has gotten scratches and dull, but that's just life. At least he'll help me to remember to get them polished every year!
  • We had my brother and my new uncle, Mark, shuttle people up and down the hill for us. Actually, I think a lot more people were able to park up at the cabin than I had anticipated. To be honest, I'm not sure how they did it. I just know that it was handled. Thank you Phill and Mark!
  • It turns out that if you are having a wedding outside of your home state, you should have any blood work required for the marriage license done where the wedding will be -- at least that's true for Montana. I tried to figure out how to get my California doctor to do the correct test and fill out the proper form and it was just too much of a hassle. I went to a local clinic in Montana and things were so much simpler! They knew exactly what test had to be done, had the proper form right there in the office, and were not stressed out at all. Thank you Park Clinic in Livingston.

  • iTunes rules!

    Matt and I made 4 cd's of music to be played at the Welcome Lunch on Friday and Saturday's Brunch. Unfortunately, Chico Hot Springs' cd player in their Convention Center couldn't play them. I think it was because they are CD-RW instead of CD-R disks, but that's just a guess. Luckily, I had 4 back-up disks so we still had music (Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Elvis). Funny, I don't remember them playing them during the brunch though.

    We also made a cd of music for the ceremony itself. Matt had wanted to hook his laptop into the cd player up at the Mountain View House and run the ceremony music directly from iTunes, but made a cd as a back-up just in case. We're lucky he did because there were no cables to connect the cd player to the laptop! The cd worked perfectly, with my brother at the controls. I didn't get to hear any of the music before the processional, but I'm told it was nice.

    Anyway, I highly recommend using iTunes, even if you burn cd's from it. We got all sorts of songs that we liked for a lot less than we would have spent buying a whole cd for just a song or two. Also, according to Matt, it made it much easier to do the cd burning. The best part: now I have 5 cd's that I can listen to whenever I want to bring back the mood of our weekend!

  • I'm going to make a page that lists our music, including the lyrics to the processional because they were meaningful and I forgot to do that for my cousins. Sorry, Julie, Marcy and Brian.

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