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Don’t do it Barack!

Don’t do it Barack. Don’t make Hillary your veep.

She’s not worthy. But that isn’t the important thing. The important thing is the crossover vote you will surely lose if you align yourself with Hillary.

... as long as you don't pick Hillary!Reagan had the “Reagan Democrats”. You could have the “Obama Conservatives”. There is a lot of support for you from conservatives, libertarians, and quasi-libertarians such as myself. There could be even more in the months to come. But tread lightly.

I have supported your campaign since it was only a rumor. I have your bumper sticker on my car. I voted for you in my state primary. In fact, I had to fight red tape just to have my vote counted. So I’m a pretty loyal guy. But if you give Hillary the nod, I’m going to have second thoughts.

You may be led to believe that Hillary represents a great deal of Democratic votes. That is a load of crap. Those votes are already yours. In practical terms it is pretty clear that no one who would vote for Hillary would instead vote for McCain. So with Dems, you’re golden.

The real hassles lay ahead. No doubt you’ll have to deal with the Greens and the Naderites in the fall. That’s going to be enough of a problem. Don’t make it worse by ostracizing those of us who have made the effort to cross over and support you.

Do us all a big favor: Pick up the phone and see what Bill Richardson is up to.

UPDATES: Jimmy Carter knows what I’m talking about.

And here’s the type of voter you risk with a Hillary ticket.