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Oct 2018 A Brief Introduction aka START HERE
Jan 2018 Themes > Resolutions
Aug 2016 The Secret Life of {Everyone In Tech}
Apr 2016 Pushing Pixels
Feb 2016 SwissTime
Dec 2015 The Code We Do Not Write
Nov 2015 OkRecruiter
Oct 2015 For Whom the Car Drives
Sep 2015 Black Lives Matter
Aug 2015 "What Idiot Wrote This?" as a Metric
Jul 2015 On Beme
Jul 2015 Sad Sam Sells Silly Putty and Seaweed By The Seashore
Jul 2015 Wheeler - The Name
Apr 2015 The Hump
Jan 2015 The 1%
Nov 2014 Whither Bob Grossblatt?
Nov 2014 Poker
Jan 2014 Leaning on GitHub
Jul 2013 Gullible
May 2013 My Not-So-Hyper Loop
Apr 2013 The Cavity Model of Software Development
Apr 2013 Follow-up to "How to Hire Me"
Mar 2013 How To Hire Me (or any other programmer for that matter)
Sep 2012 What Job Am I Interviewing For Again?
Jul 2012 Play.
Feb 2012 A Simple Rewrite (How I Code)
Feb 2012 A Quick Note About Wheeler
Jan 2012 A Tale of Two Interviews, Part 2
Jan 2012 A Tale of Two Interviews, Part 1
May 2011 Upcoming Talks
Dec 2010 A Data Structure Runs Through It
Aug 2010 A Fork in the Road
Jul 2010 Introduction To Wheeler, Part 3: Transitions and Mutual Dispatch
Jul 2010 Introduction To Wheeler, Part 2: Values & Types
Jul 2010 Introduction To Wheeler, Part 1: Categories & Interactions
Nov 2009 Typical Types of Typing and the Types They Typify, Part 2
Nov 2009 Typical Types of Typing and the Types They Typify, Part 1
Oct 2009 Road to Wheeler
Oct 2009 PDX Virtlib
Sep 2009 The One Where I Rant About Data
Sep 2009 The Cat In the Hat
Sep 2009 Corollary to the Joel Test
Aug 2009 Why PHP Ain't Going Nowhere
Aug 2009 A Note on Hate Crimes
Jul 2009 What I Did
Jul 2009 What Would You Do?
Jul 2009 Rewrites
Jul 2009 Yay.
Jun 2009 reduce(30 in 30)
Jun 2009 Metaprogramming and Hackitude
Jun 2009 Speaking of Sucking
May 2009 Even The Awesome Clients Suck
May 2009 I'm Speaking at OS Bridge
May 2009 Snippetology
May 2009 Twimmetry
Apr 2009 The Secret
Apr 2009 I'm Back Bitches
Apr 2009 Pause
Mar 2009 Execution Alone Isn't Enough
Mar 2009 Two Releases So Far
Mar 2009 30 in 30, a Personal Challenge
Feb 2009 An Inconvenient Fat
Feb 2009 Space, Motherfucker!
Feb 2009 The Internet Works Backwards
Feb 2009 My Kung Fu is the Best
Feb 2009 Branding
Jan 2009 A layoff is not the time to become a freelancer
Jan 2009 Finally, someone says it
Jan 2009 Heads and Tails in Functional Programming
Dec 2008 Injection of Failure - Breaking your code on purpose
Dec 2008 Hey Twitter, Please charge me $5 a month.
Dec 2008 If Programming Languages Were Martial Arts
Dec 2008 Miyamoto Musashi Wouldn't Have Had a Blog
Dec 2008 The Powell Doctrine
Nov 2008 My Opinion of Types over Time
Nov 2008 Sometimes I like to write short stories
Nov 2008 I Don't Use Bookmarks
Nov 2008 Wanted for Christmas: The most dreadful, impossible, legacy project from hell
Sep 2008 Is Live
Sep 2008 What I want: Features as a first class programming concept
Sep 2008 PHP: Pimp-Hand Programming
Sep 2008 Web 2.0 is Fight Club
Sep 2008 Trailer Park Software
Sep 2008 The ticket I'd vote for in November
Aug 2008 English Language HateRant
Aug 2008 Barack, your campaign is pissing me off
Aug 2008 Names Matter (How I Code)
Jul 2008 It's OK to make things pretty
Jul 2008 Home Sweet Home
Jul 2008 Django - You know, Boba's Dad
Jul 2008 Yahoo Doesn't Need A Fail Whale
Jun 2008 Seaside
Jun 2008 Choke
Jun 2008 Don't do it Barack!
May 2008 Where the fuck is my Ari Gold?
Apr 2008 Creole (or why I'm not down with the JVM)
Apr 2008 Stockton Syndrome
Apr 2008 Craigslist = Magic Ads
Apr 2008 "Wow" Books
Mar 2008 A Dear John letter

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